Figment Gifting Tree

In September 2014, we built an installation as part of a local art festival, using bamboo, twine, and a little bit of imagination. On entering the first stage of the installation, participants were asked to take a favorite piece of candy. After taking a few steps into the installation, they were asked to choose again: They could keep the candy and leave the installation, or “trash” the candy in a pile of dirt and go to the center of the installation. They could see that at the center was a “tree” constructed of bamboo, offering shade–and hung with all kinds of healthy and organic treats.

The reactions were priceless. About 60% of participants kept the candy. But the ones who gave up their candy and ventured to the tree had a wonderful time, playing around, exploring the treats, and just hanging out and chilling under the organic shelter.

It was a work of art–but it was also a social experiment. Interactive art provides the environment that can shift your perceptions and perspective in a fun and effective way.


Figment Gifting Tree 1

(photo credit Hap Rust Photos)

Figment Gifting Tree 2

(photo credit Hap Rust Photos)

Figment Gifting Tree 3

(photo credit Hap Rust Photos)

Figment Gifting Tree 4

Figment Gifting Tree 5