Eyes of Ballston

"The truth, the first truth, probably, is that we are all connected, watching one another. Even the trees." (Arthur Miller)

If only they had eyes to see  … But they do.  In a parallel universe, and with the help of the future, they sense you, remember you and share their joy with you.  They mimic you and you them.  They give you life and you them.  They smile at you and you at them.   Eyes of Ballston has come alive.  This time in a parallel universe of reverse senses and it wants to take you on a ride, a magical ride to explore its fantasies of the future.

Here’s a template diagram:

voronoi template

A simple animation depicted below:


The installation was up from Oct. 30th 2014 until Jan. 2 2015 at Welburn SQ, near Ballston metro station. 

Initial design illustrations:





On location images of the opening night:

eyes 1


eyes 2


eyes 3


eyes 4


eyes 5


eyes 6


eyes 7


eyes 8


eyes 9