Illuminate This

We are building a globally connected participatory art installation. We, as in all of us, including you. We give you the tools, you build the art.   Interactive art is a communication tool.  Tool means it is repeatable.  Communication means we can use it to educate, raise awareness or …

An Interactive art piece in your neck of the woods and the next town over. Participatory art engages in ways and with a reach other methods can’t touch.

Interactive art connects us with the power of direct experience. People gather around a tree to reflect upon their moods in lights. Kids work in their community or school garden and then circle around their “ant hill” (read LED installation) to reflect upon the day. A few blocks over, a shelter organizes a guerrilla performance around their own interactive art installation, to again shift our sense of being and perception so that we learn and appreciate what it’s like not to have a home. The kids bring fresh veggies to be part of this performance. People play, create and inspire each other to do awesome.

Our latest project is an advocacy art bus that rolls around Washington DC showcasing art of folks with unstable housing and raising awareness about homelessness.  Learn more and get engaged:  IHaveAHomeHere.com  



Learn more about some recent projects: 

Anacostia River Festival bike parade


Eyes of Ballston
Figment Gifting Tree
Figment Gifting Tree 5

We are creating a global language based on visuals and light.   We, as in all of us, including you.